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Ahoy !

So... who am I ? Loong story. Let's start from the beginning. I began with photography when I was a little kid and for a long time it remained an exciting hobby for me. I was shooting landscapes, people, animals, kids, etc... without any real message. But later on I realized that photographs are not just frozen moments, but frozen stories. And when you look into them, they become a live stories. The stories full of feelings and full of life.

I like seeing what light does to the shape of things in the world around, and how things look when there're photographed. Light is amazing. Love you , light !

Also I love graphic and web design! I've been designing websites for over 5 years now with an education in graphic design, please contact me for any inquiries, prices and timings. More info in WEB DESIGN section.

I hope my little website will provide you some joy and inspiration. Any feedback is most appreciated! 

Welcome to my story. 


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